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I know that at the moment increased everyday expenses including household bills, groceries and the price of petrol are making it harder for families to make ends meet.


Our new Premier, Steven Miles has asked for your input on this critical issue about what our government can do to make things easier.


We’ve kept our energy assets in public hands and made multinational mining companies pay their fair share of profits on our Queensland resources so that we can provide direct electricity rebates to every Queensland household, but we know there is more to do.


The Queensland State Budget is an opportunity for us to do more and I want to hear from you directly about what we can do to help.


Please fill out the short survey below.

Houshold Bills Survey.png
What expenses are having the biggest impact on your family’s budget? [Rank top 3]
How have these increases affected you or your family’s household budget?
Are you aware that the Queensland Government provides a $550 electricity rebate to all Queensland households?
Were you aware that a person with a Seniors, Pension, or Health Care Card is entitled to a $1072 cost-of-living electricity rebate?
Have you ever accessed the Queensland Savers website to determine your eligibility for over $8 billion of Queensland Government concessions?

access the Queensland Savers website here

Thanks for filling out my survey

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