Aged Care - Staff to Patient Ratios

Fix our Aged Care System

The Aged Care Royal Commission’s final report made it absolutely clear – the aged care system is in crisis.
Older Australians helped build this country. They worked hard, paid their taxes and raised their families.
They rightly expected that the Federal Government would support them in their frailer years.
That’s what they deserve and that’s what they’ve earned after a life contributing to their communities and to Australia.
But the Morrison Government has consistently let us down and failed these Australians.
After 21 expert reports, they knew older people were suffering in aged care but they didn’t fix the problem.

As Treasurer, Scott Morrison actually cut funding.
No one should have to experience the horror stories we’ve all heard of.

We need to fix our Aged Care System now

Sign the petition and call on the Morrison Liberal Government to fix Australia’s broken aged care system and help us to deliver respect, dignity and safety for older Australians.

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