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21st May 2021

The Federal LNP has shown once and for all that it simply doesn’t give a damn about the Sunshine Coast after turning its back on the region in favour of Ipswich.

Member for Nicklin Rob Skelton said just days after the LNP Morrison Government told the people of the Sunshine Coast there was nothing in the budget for the Sunshine Coast Stadium it’s given a $15 million grant for a new stadium in Ipswich*.

“It’s been obvious for years that the LNP has taken the Sunshine Coast for granted, but this latest move is really rubbing our noses in it,” Mr Skelton said.

“The Federal LNP doesn’t have enough cash in the kitty for our new stadium – but they find roughly the same amount for Ipswich just days later – what a joke!

“What’s been the response of the Federal LNP Members? The silence has been deafening.

“It’s now clearer than ever before that our Federal LNP members are all promises and no delivery – they’ve let down the people of the Sunshine Coast.”

State Member for Caloundra Jason Hunt said the LNP thinks its Federal seats are safe so they can afford to ignore the region.

“This project would have supported 300 jobs and given the Sunshine Coast one of the best stadiums in a regional area,” Mr Hunt said.

“The Federal Government’s decision to not provide $20 million for the stadium sends a very clear message to the people of the Sunshine Coast that the LNP simply doesn’t care about the region.

“The Palaszczuk Government has its $20 million on the table, ready to go. “And the Sunshine Coast Council has its $28 million on the table, ready to go.

“Unfortunately, the two private philanthropists have now pulled their $11 million contributions – which is completely understandable after being mucked around for years by Andrew Wallace and Federal Government.

“So, the Federal Government’s contribution needs to be $31 million now to make up for the shortfall – if they can find the money for Ipswich, they can find it for the Sunshine Coast.”

*The Federal Government has announced $15 million towards a new 10,000 seat stadium at Springfield which will become the home of the Brisbane Lions AFLW team.

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