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14th April 2022

Dog owners are reminded of the dangers of feeding their pet chocolate over the coming Easter
long weekend.

Member for Nicklin, Robert Skelton MP, said while the Easter break was a great time for
families, the family pet could suffer if allowed to eat Easter treats.

“Even a small amount of chocolate can make our dogs very sick,” Mr Skelton said.

“It contains the substance ‘theobromine’, which affects a dog’s nervous system and heart and
can cause extreme distress.

“Darker chocolate has more theobromine than milk or white chocolate, and large amounts of
chocolate can actually be life threatening to dogs.

“Small dogs are at a greater risk, but all breeds can suffer violent reactions including
restlessness, hyperactivity, trembling, vomiting, diarrhoea, increased heart rate and seizures.

“Parents should ensure that their children understand this and not be tempted to share Easter
chocolate with the family dog.

“Dogs can be very opportunistic, so it’s important to keep opened chocolate out of their reach.

“If you think your dog has eaten chocolate, seek immediate veterinary advice.”

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