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14th April 2022

The Minister for Education Grace Grace today announced the Sunshine Coast region
recipients under a number of the department’s grant and scholarship programs.

“Today I’m happy to announce six Sunshine Coast students will receive a scholarship or a
grant under the department’s $486,000 2022 scholarship and grant programs for high
achieving aspiring teachers, academic achievers and potential leaders,” Ms Grace said.

“We have a range of programs including the Aspiring Teachers Grant; the Pearl Duncan
Teaching Scholarship; the TJ Ryan Memorial Medal and Scholarships; and the Lambert
McBride Bursary.

“The TJ Ryan Memorial Medal and Scholarship and the Lambert McBride Perpetual Bursary
recognise academic achievement and leadership and the students are not limited to what
they study.

“On the Sunshine Coast we awarded four grants of $2500 under the Aspiring Teachers
Grant program.

“These funds support Year 12 school leavers who graduated in 2021 from state and non state schools and who are now studying to become a teacher.

“The financial support helps students with study-related expenses such as a computer,
textbooks and stationery.

“Under the Pearl Duncan Teaching Scholarship for Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islanders
program one scholarship has been awarded to a Sunshine Coast student, who will receive a
scholarship of up to $20,000.

“Pearl Duncan Scholarships are designed to assist students studying, or intending to study,
an undergraduate or postgraduate teacher qualification.

“The scholarship honours Dr Pearl Duncan, an Aboriginal teacher who has dedicated her life
to improving Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander participation in education.

“And under the TJ Ryan Memorial Medal and Scholarships program for Year 12 school
leavers who graduated in 2021 from state and non-state schools, my department has
recognised and rewarded one Sunshine Coast student.

“The medal winner will receive a scholarship of up to $10,000 over five years and a
certificate of recognition.

“I congratulate all the winners of these prestigious grants and scholarships,” Ms Grace said.

“I know this support we provide now for our aspiring teachers, academic achievers or
potential leaders will be paid back many times over.”

“In addition, under the TJ Ryan Memorial Medal and Scholarships program, my department
has recognised a further four local students.

“These students will receive a certificate of merit,” Ms Grace said.

Former Noosa District State High School student Ella Wilkinson said she was very happy to
receive the TJ Ryan Memorial Medal and Scholarship.

“The scholarship will help aid my transition into tertiary education by assisting with University
fees and other living expenses as I journey into a new city and state,” Ella said.

“I aspire to become an Art Director, exploring the fields of film and television, product
marketing and advertising, and public relations – I am looking forward to being surrounded
by like-minded people who are passionate about growing the creative community.

“Eventually I hope to travel the globe – I'm interested in working with a creative team to
discover and cater, artistically, to the appeals of the everyday consumers within these

For a full list of the names of the department’s grants and scholarships program
winners visit:

For Pearl Duncan and Aspiring Teachers programs visit:

For TJ Ryan Memorial Medal Scholarships visit: medal-scholarships
For Lambert McBride Perpetual Bursary visit:

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