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5th July 2023

The Smart Ticketing rollout is ramping up across South East Queensland reaches with the new technology beginning to be installed on Sunshine Coast buses.

Over 120 vehicles across the CDC fleet will be upgraded with Smart Ticketing, bringing residents and visitors a step closer to enjoying more convenient and flexible ways to pay.

The Palaszczuk Government's commitment to introducing the ticketing system across the state is gathering pace.

More than 330 buses in South East Queensland are already equipped, the technology is also available right across the SEQ train network.

As part of the state wide rollout, Smart Ticketing equipment will be installed on more than 3,000 buses, giving passengers a quicker and easier way to tap and pay for their fares.

A number of bus operators are using the more convenient ticketing system including Kinetic Sunbus and CDC Queensland on the Sunshine Coast.

Once the equipment is fully installed, customers will be able to continue using their go card for their journeys.

Smart Ticketing allows customers to tap-on and off with debit cards, credit cards, smartphones, or smartwatches.

More than 5.8 million Smart Ticket trips have been taken across SEQ.

Quotes attributable to the Transport and Main Roads Minister Mark Bailey:
"You can do your banking, pay bills, even monitor your health from the palm of your hand, so why shouldn't you be able to use your phone to pay for public transport?.

"Across South East Queensland you can use your bank card, phone or smart watch to tap and ride across the Queensland Rail Network and more than 330 busses.

"Queenslanders are embracing Smart Ticketing with nearly 6 million trips and counting.

"With the technology rolling out across the Sunshine Coast, soon commuters will be able to start using their go card to tap and pay for bus fares".

Quotes attributable to the member for Nicklin Rob Skelton:
“I think everyone on the Sunshine Coast will really enjoy being able to just tap and go when they jump on the bus.

"Initially as the technology begins to rollout we'll be limited to just go cards but once the testing is complete, you'll be able to use a phone or card".

Quotes attributable to the member for Caloundra Jason Hunt:
"Installing Smart Ticketing equipment on CDC Queensland buses is fantastic news and it's great to see our city getting the convenient and easy public transport that they deserve.

"This is a world-class ticketing system on par with major global cities such as London, Singapore and New York, and one that will cover the largest geographical network of any single ticketing system in the world".


About Smart Ticketing in Queensland:

The implementation of Smart Ticketing in Queensland represents a significant step towards modernizing the public transport ticketing system. The ongoing initiative by the Queensland Government involves installing Smart Ticketing equipment on over 3,000 buses across the state. The introduction of Smart Ticketing offers customers the convenience of using debit cards, credit cards, smartphones, or smartwatches for their journey payments. The technology has already gained popularity among adult SEQ train users and G:link tram users, with over 5.8 million trips recorded using this innovative payment method. The Queensland Government remains committed to improving the public transport experience through the implementation of advanced ticketing solutions.

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