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23rd February 2023

I rise today to speak about the wonderful community of Nicklin and its many treasures.

As the state member for Nicklin, I am honoured to represent this beautiful area and its people who are hardworking, passionate and dedicated to making our region a better place.

The centre of my electorate is the town of Nambour, the heart of the Sunshine Coast hinterland, offering
a unique blend of urban convenience and rural charm.

The Nambour Special Entertainment Precinct, supported by the Palaszczuk government and
Sunshine Coast Council, showcases the best of the town’s arts and entertainment scene, contrasting
our heritage with many new and unique venues including the Majestic Theatre, Sunshine Coast Pinball,
DownTown Burgers and Club Hotel Namba.

There will soon be many others setting up to open their doors as we continue to develop our new night-time economy. I want to thank Andrea Kirwin from Peace Run Records and the team supporting the Nambour Forecourt Live events. This is assisting with the activation of our entertainment precinct. Forecourt Live will run again this Friday afternoon featuring talented local artists like Andrea, food trucks and fun for the kids. I encourage all to attend.

The revitalisation of Nambour is continuing at a cracking pace with the further development of
the I am Nambour brand, which showcases the small businesses, local industry and people who make
up our town. This will launch on 1 March. I thank Reimagine Nambour and our chamber of commerce
for their efforts in this space. This, in conjunction with the new parking map, will be sure to help drive
further economic growth for the region. The new park-and-ride facility, part of the Beerburrum-Nambour
rail upgrade, will also provide around 50 additional parking spaces on the eastern side of Nambour
station, providing alternative parking for commuters.

So far in my short time in this parliament I have seen firsthand the strength and resilience of the
people of Nicklin. In times of crisis, change or concern, we come together as a community to support
one other and to rebuild what we have lost. The Nambour Community Centre is central in these efforts
and now, thanks to the increased funding from the Palaszczuk government, can provide an increased
range of services and support to individuals and families in need. In closing, I want to express my
gratitude to the people of Nicklin for their unwavering support and their commitment to our shared
values. I am honoured to represent this amazing community and I will continue to work tirelessly to
ensure that Nicklin remains a great place to live, work and raise a family.

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