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28th March 2023

I rise in support of the Environmental Protection and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2022 which aims to amend the Environmental Protection Act 1994 to better protect the environment while also supporting industry, particularly through streamlining and clarifying regulatory processes.

The Palaszczuk government is committed to ensuring that the legislation delivers the government's priorities while meeting operational industry needs. Many of the amendments have been initiated in response to industry feedback.

The bill inserts a process for changing an application for an estimated rehabilitation cost decision.

This will support industry by providing a clear process for them to change their application before it is decided.

An estimated rehabilitation cost decision is required for particular environmental authority holders for a resource activity, and it is critical that a smooth process is in place to enable these holders to obtain that decision.

The bill also inserts new transitional provisions to clarify how environmental authority holders transition into the progressive rehabilitation and closure framework.

It also provides for temporary authorities in emergency situations, and it relaxes application requirements for trial environmental authorities for prescribed environmentally relevant activities.

There are a range of small amendments in the bill which have not gained much attention but will still contribute a lot of efficiencies for industry.

By providing greater clarity of process throughout the different parts of the legislation, the bill will benefit industry.

I want to reflect on some of the speakers and talk about the LNP’s hypocritical support for the environment when they are the party of climate change deniers et cetera.

We can reflect on the former Newman government’s record.

Their environment minister at the time, who is not speaking on this bill, delivered the second worst land-clearing record after Brazil.

I support the Palaszczuk Labor government in its efforts to support our environment and change legislation to support industry.

I commend the bill to the House.

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