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11th June 2024

I rise to speak in support of the Homes for Queenslanders plan. In February this year we announced this nation-leading plan.

The plan works across the entire housing system and it is backed in by a budget commitment of $3.1 billion.

This is the largest investment in housing in Queensland's history. Homes for Queenslanders commits to delivering one million new homes by 2046, including more than 50,000 new social homes, a $160 million renter's relief package and a $350 million infill fund to deliver more housing in underutilised areas.

One of the central pillars of Homes for Queenslanders is helping first home owners into the market.

Today, we are delivering on that core commitment by legislating for the Help to Buy scheme.

For many Queenslanders, especially young people, home ownership feels like a dream that is slowly drifting further out of reach.

For too long the housing crisis has been something we have had to tackle alone as a state government, with little more than empty announcements during a decade of LNP federal government.

Now the adults are back in charge federally, we can finally get on with the job of working and collaborating between different levels of government to help the next generation of Queenslanders with the great Australian dream of home ownership.

In order for the Commonwealth Help to Buy Bill to be enacted, a state must first pass referral legislation, and Queensland will be the first to do so. The fact that we are the very first state to sign onto the Help to Buy scheme means that Queenslanders will be able to access places in the scheme as soon as it becomes operational.

The bill refers legislative power to the Commonwealth parliament for the purpose of Help to Buy and provides the constitutional basis for the scheme to operate in Queensland.

The bill also includes a provision to allow a state to declare a displacement provision.

This simply means that where the Commonwealth act is inconsistent with the government's bill that it will not override the provisions of our bill.

This bill will help to get Queenslanders back on track towards the Australian dream of home ownership.

After a whole generation has grown up being told they may never be able to buy their own home, it is a no-brainer—or at least it should be—that we need to get people into houses.

We are busy pulling every lever possible to get Queenslanders into homes.

The other mob and the Greens are looking for every excuse not to do so.

Now that we are raising the stamp duty threshold—about the only commitment we have heard that resembles a policy—there should be no justifiable reasons left to oppose this bill.

I am very happy to support all of our housing commitments and return to an Australia where you can have hope and aspiration.

I look forward to the opposition and the Greens voting with us on this bill.

I commend this bill to the House.

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