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9th March 2021

I rise in support of the Liquor (Artisan Liquor) Amendment Bill 2020. What this important legislation means in my region is jobs, support for mum-and-dad businesses and markets for our unique products. In the Sunshine Coast hinterland there are many artisan brewers and distillers. I speak of Sunshine & Sons, Diablo Co in Woombye, Terella Brewing at North Arm, Sunshine Coast Cider in Palmwoods, Copperhead Brewery and 20 20 Distillery in Cooroy. I would also like to mention Adam Tomlinson and family, who operate Stalwart Brewing in Nambour, which is a popular venue for boutique beer and local music.

It is also commendable to note that in most cases the ingredients in the beer, cider, gin or vodka are locally grown. It is local producers and entrepreneurs working together. It is also worth noting that this amended legislation allows for our artisans to operate pop-up events and sell some takeaway from the premises or online. This is evident in Woombye where Diablo Co have a pop-up bar with live music at the Big Pineapple. I thank Sunshine & Sons for their pop-up bar at my office opening in Nambour recently.

I would like to invite all Queensland and interstate tourists to visit on the weekend of 21 to 23 May. Beer, Bikes and BBQ will be on at Stalwart Brewing in Nambour, while the Big Pineapple Music Festival will be happening in Woombye. This is a great opportunity for all, including the members present, to sample these products whilst being entertained by local, state and Australian music artists. Did I mention that there will also be hot rods and motorbikes?

I thank the ministers, members and stakeholders included in the formation of this bill—including those in the industry, social health stakeholders, hotel and club peak bodies and the Small Business Advisory Council. I would like to mention the member for Clayfield for his history on the origins of brewing and distilling. It was interesting and entertaining. I would also like to shout-out to the member for Bonney with his bit of science. I had no idea what the microbe was involved in yeast, so a great learning has happened in this chamber.

I thoroughly concur with the member for Hill on his sheer enjoyment and enthusiasm for beer. I ask: what is better than an ice-cold beer after a hard day’s yakka? I could think of some but they cannot be mentioned in this chamber. I lament with the member for Glass House on the need for a good mate to drive as you tour around and sample. It is a big place and that is not the best job, but this legislation is about jobs and it is working. It is a pleasure to enjoy bipartisan support for a bill that is providing work, business and protections against abuses. I reiterate on keeping the weekend of 21 to 23 May free. Enjoy responsibly.

I commend this bill to the House.

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