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Have Your Say on the Big Supermarkets

I'd like to hear from you how the rising prices at Woolworths and Coles are impacting your family's budget.


It’s not fair that local families are paying more at the checkout and our farmers are left struggling while the big supermarkets are making record profits.


That’s why the Miles Government is taking these supermarkets on with our Supermarket Pricing Inquiry. 


This Inquiry will enable Members of Parliament to put pressure on the big supermarkets and investigate their dishonest price gouging tactics which are hurting local families.


I’ve set up a 30 second survey to hear from you on how these price increases are hurting your personal budgets.


I’ll be writing a submission on behalf of all Nicklin constituents with your personal stories to highlight how these price increases are affecting local families.


Your input is invaluable, and I would encourage you to complete my 30 second survey below

How are the supermarket price increases affecting your personal/family budget?

Thanks for filling out my survey

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