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Community Consultations for Cooroy Intersections

We, the undersigned members of the Cooroy community, hereby submit this petition to express our collective concern and request the immediate resumption of community consultations regarding the Diamond and Elm Street intersection, as well as the Myall and Elm Street intersection in Cooroy.

Background: The aforementioned intersections in Cooroy have been a focal point of community interest and concern due to the increasing traffic congestion, safety issues, and the potential impact on the overall well-being of our community members. It has come to our attention that previous consultations may not have adequately captured the diverse perspectives and needs of the local residents.

Purpose of the Petition: We, the undersigned, call upon the Department of Transport and Main Roads to restart community consultations for the Diamond and Elm Street intersection and the Myall and Elm Street intersection in Cooroy. Our aim is to ensure that the decision-making process incorporates the input of the affected community members, fostering transparency, inclusivity, and responsiveness to the unique needs of Cooroy residents.

Specific Concerns:

  1. Traffic Safety: Address the concerns regarding the safety of the Diamond and Elm Street intersection and the Myall and Elm Street intersection, considering the increasing volume of traffic and the potential risks to pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers.

  2. Community Input: Ensure that the community's opinions and preferences are taken into account in the decision-making process. Restarting consultations will provide an opportunity for residents to voice their concerns, share local insights, and contribute to the development of effective and community-supported solutions.

  3. Alternative Solutions: Explore and evaluate alternative solutions that may address traffic issues and safety concerns while minimizing disruption to the daily lives of Cooroy residents.

  4. Communication: Improve communication channels between the Department of Transport and Main Roads and the Cooroy community, providing regular updates on the progress of the proposed changes and addressing any emerging concerns promptly.

Conclusion: We, the undersigned, believe that an open and inclusive dialogue is essential for the successful resolution of the issues surrounding the Diamond and Elm Street; Myall and Elm Street intersections in Cooroy. By restarting community consultations, we aim to collaborate with the Department of Transport and Main Roads to develop solutions that prioritize the safety, well-being, and preferences of the Cooroy community.

Sign the Petition below to add your name calling for community consulation for the Cooroy intersections

Thanks for adding your name to my petition.

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