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21st February 2024

• $5 million to deliver local benefits to Borumba Pumped Hydro communities
• Initial investment to restore GP services and explore recreation and tourism opportunities
• Community invited to shape future investments through draft Community Benefits Framework

Communities are set to benefit big thanks to a new investment by the Miles Government, made possible only by a major clean energy infrastructure project right on the Sunshine Coast’s doorstep.

An initial $5 million investment will restore crucial local family health services back to Imbil, after the private clinic shut a year ago.

Additionally, funds will help deliver long awaited local mountain bike and walking trails, and progress proposed plans to build a second stage to the Mary Valley rail trail.

These announcements are the first tranche of a multi-million dollar list of soon to be revealed benefits, made possible only thanks to the Miles Government and Queensland Hydro’s Borumba Pumped Hydro Project.

The benefits come as the Miles Government cements its commitment to delivering the project – the first of two nation-leading energy storage builds.

As part of the initial $5M for the Borumba Pumped Hydro Project benefits package, Minister for Energy and Clean Economy Jobs, Mick de Brenni announced the first wave of initiatives to be supported by Queensland Hydro include:

Re-establishing GP services in the township of Imbil by partnering with Country to Coast Queensland, the local Primary Health Network, and undertaking an assessment of local health needs that will inform decisions around the need for future health services throughout the Borumba region. Imbil has been without a GP service for approximately 12-months.

Funding the feasibility and detailed design work, including potential early works required to initiate the Mary Valley Mountain Bike Park – which could become a jewel in the crown of the Sunshine Coast’s mountain bike circuit and a long-term legacy tourism asset for the Mary Valley.

Delivering funding for early works on stage 2 of the Mary Valley Rail Trail – subject to the outcomes of the Gympie Regional Council’s ongoing feasibility study for the project.

Providing support for Imbil township upgrades, working in partnership with the Gympie Regional Council and the local community to prioritise and deliver town enhancing projects.

Further community engagement through the draft Community Benefits Framework will identify even more opportunities to deliver benefits for the region.

Released today, the draft framework is open to community members for input until 26 April 2024.

The final Queensland Hydro Community Benefit Framework is due for release in mid-2024 after feedback from the community is received.

The complete Hydro Community Benefit Framework is due for release in coming weeks.

Today’s announcement follows the Queensland Labor Government’s investment decision in June 2023, where $6 billion was committed to progress the Borumba Pumped Hydro Project.

The investment decision is the single largest investment in energy infrastructure in decades.

Quotes attributable to Minister Mick de Brenni:

“With every energy project we deliver, we will create new jobs and protect existing ones, and deliver legacy benefits to the communities that host them.

“We’ve heard what the community needs, and the impact of restoring local health services cannot be overstated.

“We’ve chosen this site for its location close to large population centres and its good elevation, which also means it’s downhill and cross country mountain biking potential is huge.

“The Borumba Pumped Hydro Project is one of two that are critical to ensuring Queensland meets its renewable energy targets, and it’s crucial we work with relevant communities and the local councils to get this right.

“We’re more determined than ever to deliver to the region things the locals want, and need, and following the closure of the local Imbil GP clinic 12 months ago, we’re proud to be delivering this key service back to the community.”

Quotes attributable to Queensland Hydro CEO, Kieran Cusack:

“Pumped hydro is proven, reliable and mature technology that has been used to store energy worldwide for decades. Providing large scale pumped hydro storage is a critical component of our future energy network.

It will allow us to capture and store the clean power generated by renewables, and then provide that same clean power on-demand into the grid minute by minute when it is needed by businesses and homes, ensuring Queenslanders have the reliability they expect from their energy network.”

“Just like our intent is to be nature positive and deliver environmental gains over and above the benefits of pumped hydro storage itself, we are working hard to partner with our communities to deliver lasting positive legacies.

“Queensland Hydro welcomes the initial $5 million investment and I’m pleased to be working with Country to Coast Queensland to re-establish a GP service in Imbil so the community can once again see a local doctor.

"Our planning indicated our future workforce will need access to health services, and our community engagement told us the lmbil and surrounding communities also needed access to these same services. Our goals here are aligned.

“Queensland Hydro is committed to investing in our local communities at all stages of our proposed projects, from early development right through to a legacy that we can all be proud of. We want to hear from the community and the launch of our draft Community Benefits Framework means we are actively seeking their input and feedback to ensure that our approach aligns with community needs and aspirations, ultimately leading to a positive outcome for all involved.”

Quotes attributable to Gympie Regional Council Mayor, Glen Hartwig:

“Gympie Regional Council is delighted to be partnering with Queensland Hydro to realise a lasting legacy of community benefits in the Mary Valley as a result of this significant investment in our region.

“We welcome renewable energy projects that bring real economic and social benefits to the regions they operate in, in the way Queensland Hydro are bringing with the Borumba Pumped Hydro Project.

“These investments will lead to improved community, tourism and recreation infrastructure which ultimately benefits our people, businesses and visitors.”

Quotes attributable to Country to Coast QLD CEO, Julie Sturgess:

“Country to Coast, Queensland welcomes Queensland Hydro as a key infrastructure provider, employer and community health partner in our region.

“We know that quality primary care is the frontline of the health system and the first place people turn to when they need every day medical care. For that reason, we are delighted to work with Queensland Hydro to re-establish vital GP services in this regional town.

“We commend Queensland Hydro’s approach of being a ‘good neighbour’ to current and future Imbil residents.

Quotes attributable to Janelle Parker, President - Mary Valley Chamber of Commerce:

The loss of the area's only GP clinic twelve months ago has had a huge impact, especially on older people and those without access to transport.

The partnership between Queensland Hydro and CCQ will bring significant benefits to the community. The reestablishment of GP services will give local residents the ability to receive critical health care without having to travel to Gympie.

Quotes attributable to Rob Skelton MP, member for Nicklin:

“The transition to clean energy is critical for our state, and we welcome the ongoing investment from the Miles Government in our region – ensuring projects like the Borumba Pumped Hydro Project bring long-lasting benefits.

“We welcome Queensland Hydro’s commitment to consulting widely on the Community Benefits Framework, aligning community expectations with outcomes, to ultimately benefit our residents and businesses.”

Quotes attributable to Jason Hunt MP, member for Caloundra:

“I strongly welcome the announcement of $5 million in community benefits today from the Miles Government, knowing the significant benefits this investment will bring to our region.

“We’re already seeing economic outcomes for our local industry, and the upgrades to the Mary Valley region will provide wonderful tourism opportunities for our residents and visitors alike.”

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