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9th April 2024

I am absolutely appalled at the lies being told by Ted O’Brien and the former member for Nicklin about this vital program.

There has been no cut to or cessation of departmental funding for the Supporting Teenagers for Education, Mothering and Mentoring program (STEMM).

The participants of this program have enough on their plates to deal with without the irresponsible actions of the LNP.

Their conduct is disgraceful and I’m calling on them to apologise to the participants, teaching staff and community for any stress their behaviour has caused.

The department continues to provide funding for the teaching staff of the program. This is now provided as part of the school’s regular staffing allocation.

All they needed to do was call my office and we could have told them.

I’m proud of the Miles government’s record investment in education in the region, unlike the LNP’s track record, which includes cuts to services, sacking public servants and selling off our assets.

We’ve already heard Crisafulli intends to cut funding, so I’m calling on the former member for Nicklin to tell us what Sunshine Coast services they will cut, how many local public servants they will sack, and which of our public assets they intend to sell?

They owe it to the people of the Sunshine Coast to be upfront and honest about their intentions, instead of playing these games.

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