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Sign my petition to say NO to Nuclear

The Miles Government is focussing on clean energy jobs and has a working plan for a safe and responsible transition to renewable energy, that will protect existing jobs and create new ones.

Queenslanders from the Sunshine Coast are at the heart of Labor’s leading plan for a clean economy future.

Our plan to build the $14.2b Borumba pumped hydro project will provide around 2000 local jobs during construction and will help secure our energy future by generating up to 2000 megawatts of renewable electricity.

Labor’s plan has seen unemployment in Sunshine Coast cut nearly in half from 6.1% (Apr 2015) to 3.7% now.

By putting their fossil fuel friends before Queensland’s transition, the LNP is risking thousands of jobs and return to high unemployment.

The LNP’s nuclear option is an LNP recipe for a cost-of-living meltdown.  Nuclear is the most expensive option. It is 5 times the price of renewables. 


This is unacceptable. As long as I’m your MP, I’ll fight against any plans to put nuclear reactors on the Sunshine Coast.


The LNP say they oppose it at the state level, but then why are they taking big donations from the nuclear lobby?


I’m calling on Ted O’Brien and David Crisafulli to be honest with the people of the Sunshine Coast and rule out building any nuclear reactors in our region.

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Do you support a Nuclear reactor being built on the Sunshine Coast?

Thanks for filling out my petition

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